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2.4GHz cordless phone features voice prompt

Posted in Telecom Products by gsol on January 21, 2008

2.4GHz cordless phone features voice promptChina (mainland) – Shenzhen Challenger Electronics Co. Ltd released the HWDCD-2, a 2.4GHz digital cordless phone with voice prompt.

The voice prompt is available in four languages: Persian, Arabic, Turkish and English. The DND function filters incoming calls and accepts only calls from VIP numbers at prescribed hours of the day.

The HWDCD-2 features caller ID, predial, intercom and music on hold. It supports one base station and three handsets. Both handsfree and ring volume can be adjusted on the base and handset.

The phone’s other features include local code filter, base and handset redial, long-distance callback, auto redial and lock. []

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