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All hail the Bling!

Posted in Uncategorized by gsol on February 7, 2011
When Britain’s Prince William got down on his knees to propose to Kate Middleton, he sealed the deal with a $45,000 blue sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds, which had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.

That price tag too steep for your budget? Relax. Thousands of brides-to-be have discovered they can feel like princesses without breaking their fiances’ bank accounts.

Sapphire Rings

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That’s because manufacturers in China are creating replica and partially genuine engagement rings to meet surging demand, at a small fraction of the cost of Kate’s fully authentic version. And they’re flying off the shelves, not only in Merry Olde England, but around the world. Now, for only a few dollars or thousands, every bride can sport some eye-catching flash on her third finger. And non-brides too.

Royal Engagement Plate Royal Mug

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Besides the rings, Chinese factories are also turning out related royal wedding memorabilia such as jewelry, coins, plates, statues and key chains with images of the happy couple.
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