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How to import from China

Posted in Smart China Sourcing by gsol on December 7, 2007

If you are looking for tips and advices on how to import from China, Smart China Sourcing is the right place for you. Read articles, view videos and find useful links for all your import from China tips.

An article example:

Making payment to China suppliers? Make it problem-free

During eight years as an in-country purchasing manager, Mike Bellamy has learned many valuable lessons about how importers can protect themselves from China payment pitfalls. Here he lays out his suggestions for structuring payments, negotiating currency issues and minimizing financial risk.

Over my eight years as a purchasing manager based in China, ()

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Smart China Sourcing

Posted in Smart China Sourcing by gsol on November 23, 2007

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An article example: Cost of manufacturing in China going up


The cost of manufacturing in China is going up – but that’s not reaching the mainstream press. Several factors are coming together to impact prices of manufacturing in China, and ultimately a company’s sourcing strategies.


Manufacturers in China are weathering a multi-front assault on their bottom line, including ongoing changes in China law for value added tax (VAT) rebates, RMB exchange rate, as well as changes in China economic policy for the purchase of raw materials. All on top of the ongoing increases in raw material prices.


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