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Foreign dominance keeps local makers on background

Posted in Computer Products,Electronic Components,Top China Suppliers by gsol on February 4, 2010

Computer processorComputer processors from the island go primarily to niche applications. Industrial PCs, retail POS systems, transportation, wireless sensor nets, telemetrics, home and industrial automation, and telecom, medical and health care equipment are among the industries served. Some suppliers also provide units for consumer electronics such as digital photo frames, navigation devices and set-top boxes, segments with lower technology barriers compared with desktop computers and laptops.

Models are based on the ARM framework for its low power consumption and design flexibility. Previously, the x86 processor was the top choice for desktop and notebook PCs. As its developer, however, Intel practically has a monopoly on the technology. Now, ARM is increasingly used in mobile computing such as laptops, netbooks, mobile Internet devices, smartphones and smartbooks.

The Nvidia Tegra, for example, is a series of SoC that utilizes the ARM processor and is designed for smartphones, MIDs and portable media players. It is small in size, and has low power consumption and high-definition performance.

Following Nvidia’s lead, Taiwan IC makers have also started to develop ARM-based models. Via, which provides mainly to the industrial PC segment, offers a selection of computer processors for embedded systems, automotives and gambling machines.

The company’s C7-M series, for instance, is designed for mobile and ultramobile devices. The product has integrated functions, low power consumption and improved temperature control. Via employs its patented PowerSaver technology to maximize battery life through dynamic transitions between intermediate power states based on user requirements.

The manufacturer also offers the Nano processor, its first 64-bit model targeted at the high-end market. The CPU has pin compatibility with the C7 series to allow smooth transition among OEMs and motherboard vendors intending to upgrade their current system or board designs. The Via Nano supports Blu-ray and high-definition formats as well.

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Multicompartment briefcase serves as computer bag

Posted in Top China Suppliers by gsol on January 8, 2008

Globalsources - Synthetic leather briefcaseTaiwan – Delly International Co. Ltd has launched multicompartment briefcase model 5727, which can carry a laptop, mouse, adapter and power cord.

Made of black PVC sponge leather, the product has a zipped main compartment with foam lining, side compartment with a flap secured by hook-and-loop tape and rear compartment. It is fitted with two carrying handles and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. The model measures 33x42x10cm. []

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Find verified China suppliers from Global Sources

Posted in Quality Suppliers,Top China Suppliers by gsol on December 6, 2007

Finding suppliers from China is easy. But finding China suppliers who really know what quality is and deliver it consistently is a much tougher job.

At Global Sources, you can achieve a new level of sourcing confidence and here’s why:

In-factory visits
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Strict verification
Our 150-strong Client Service team works closely with each supplier to verify every supplier detail possible before delivering it you. We also take intellectual property seriously — with verified suppliers required to warrant that their products do not infringe on IP rights.

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